blessings for healing: suffering

We have to be gentle with the hard words of Jesus. Hating the messenger, though, is kind of part of the deal.

blessings for the broken part four

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. . . When did we buy the lie that happiness is the means to happiness? That what feels good is right and what is painful is wrong? Hungry is not comfort. Thirsty is not pleasure.

the truth heals, part one

How did you rebuild trust? someone recently asked me. How did you make it from the lies to now. I thought I could give a one post answer. But it's not that simple. So I write. And I think. And I pray. And I ask God to give me words to say to people who feel as …

Pain hurts

March 28 Whenever I get discouraged I look at real estate on the internet. Sometimes, it perks me up to dream. I’ve been doing this since 2001 when we began planning our move from Southern California to Tacoma, Washington. But it quickly became an escape. A few minutes of dreaming that easily turns into hours. …