the importance of cheerleaders

I’ve got enough negative words in my own head about myself. I don’t need more. You don’t need more. We’re stuck in an ugly, losing game sometimes. Heckled by our own hearts.

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a light between here and there

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA/OWI Collection, [reproduction number,LC-USF34-032090-D

I wonder how long we will live along this dark highway. . . in the dailyness of nurturing, guiding, growing, of learning to be faithful in small things.

Because sometimes, I wrestle with the limits of my little light.

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blessings for the broken part three

The endless gray sky feels forever like 11 o’clock in the morning . . .
no sun to guide and you must check your watch to remind you of the passing of the hours.

Night ebbs slow. Day is a fading in and out of light. Artless.

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dreams of gold

Every time the summer Olympics roll around, I’m reminded of what I am not. I’m fairly certain my parents knew early on that I was not destined to be a great gymnast. I wasn’t graceful, or bouncy or fearless — or athletic — at all. Like all little girls in 1976, I’d been mesmerized by […]

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there is beauty in detail

Jane and I walk the road that leaves our little town and wanders along the shore. Snow-capped mountains to the west shine in the morning sunlight. Sailboats sleep on the glassy bay. We spot a heron, three seals and two coyotes on our walk. We are blessed to live in this place. I stand in […]

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the truth heals, part one

How did you rebuild trust? someone recently asked me. How did you make it from the lies to now. I thought I could give a one post answer. But it’s not that simple. So I write. And I think. And I pray. And I ask God to give me words to say to people who feel as […]

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