Welcome to enduring and after, a blog about addiction, recovery and faith. Specifically, prescription drug addiction. Start here to read our story.

Dave and I have been married for 22 years. We have four fantastic children, loyal & loving relatives, a supportive church family, great friends, and crazy jobs that keep us connected with the hurt and pain of people’s lives. Dave, as a debt counselor for six years — and now, as of January 2014, as an associate pastor at our church. And Deb as a copywriter for nonprofits, including recovery ministries.

We are passionate about telling our story because we believe so many are struggling in silence and shame . . . and because these people are also in church.

Our hope is that God will use our story to help people who are dealing with addiction, their own or a loved one’s —  and to awaken church leaders to a silent epidemic destroying individuals and families. We believe that the Church has an opportunity to step out and take on a ministry that restores lives. Addiction is a leprosy God can heal.

Please feel free to comment either as yourself anonymously on posts. Or contact us  through a message on the enduring and after facebook page.

(Photo Credits: All historic photos on this blog are from the Library of Congress  Farm Security Administration Collection’s public archives, and are credited individually. All other photographs are my own. Please note, that the structure change of the blog interface — theme — has disabled many of the photo captions that originally contained the photo credits. I am in process of re-inserting these photo credits at the end of each post instead.)

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  1. Hi Deb & Dave,

    You two inspire me beyond belief! I just wanted you to know that I love you and I’m so humbled by your posts. You are an amazing writer, Deb. I knew that, but this blog blew me away. 🙂

    Love and muchisimo hugs,



  2. Hello Beddoes! I found the link to your blog after Dave Duron liked it on Facebook. It’s been so long since I’ve talked to either of you. Hopefully not too long that you don’t remember! 🙂 I was Kelly Hamilton once upon a time and was lucky enough to spend a couple summers working with you guys at Maranatha. Hopefully that brings it back 🙂 I’ve kind of kept up with you through the grapevine but I’m glad I found your blog and look forward to reconnecting.


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