The gift of gratitude

I know Thanksgiving is supposed to be our holiday of gratitude. But for me, Christmas is much more so. I think perhaps it’s because I don’t struggle to farm and harvest the food for the feast like our ancestors did. The Thanksgiving meal is just a family get together these days. The celebration of gratitude … Continue reading “The gift of gratitude”

when I lament the things I haven’t taught my daughter

. . . as I speak aloud these inherited loves, I realize the most important things I’ve learned from my mom never came from an actual lesson at all but from a life . . . and that the learning is still going on today.

there is hope for your future

One month ago, the sun rose and never melted frost. * * * * * The morning drains of sunlight, every mother listening, watching. Praying for her babies. For this wretched world. I delay as long as I can, uneasy that I must leave before my youngest is home safe. But I have to catch … Continue reading “there is hope for your future”