our harvest of one

Less of a post, more of a picture.

My youngest son and I planted a garden around our house in the woods this year. Just a little one.

I neglected the lettuce til it was consumed by slugs, I failed to thin the radishes, and the peas were sparse.

The cucumbers fared much better and yielded several jars of pickles, the topping for a few salads, and a relish tray for a potluck. Our single tomato plant produced several delicious tomatoes, enough for a few BLTs and burgers. And the corn we grew in a container — which apparently doesn’t work well — gave us a mutant we affectionately called “corn nubbin.”

The prize of our modest crop, however, was this beautiful little sugar pumpkin. This hearty harvest was the lone survivor of six plants of trailing vines, dozens of blooms, and nearly a dozen tiny starts that didn’t get bigger than a cherry tomato and paled into mush. We tended this little pumpkin carefully, and set a dessert plate under it to keep it off the ground . . . and get it used to its fate. 🙂

This sweetie pie has a special center place in our home now.

Our harvest of one . . . to share with you.

Have a blessed day of rest,

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Author: Deborah Beddoe

Deborah lives in Poulsbo, Washington with her husband David. They've been married for more than two decades and have four fantastic children, two very demanding cats, and a giant puppy.

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