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a table in the wilderness

“I have not forgotten you. I did not lead you into the wilderness to die."

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a prescription for addiction

A little piece of our story made it to the cover of the New York Times this week . . .
That little piece is a drug called Suboxone.

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letting go of leaves

Stick figure silhouettes cling to dangling color that remains . . . dropping one by one . . . leaving them exposed, leafless . . . .
The woods betray us. We are vulnerable.

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link to: the secret lives of Christian pill addicts

Read the full post at her.meneutics.

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a harvest of gratitude

. . . I don't mean just the big THANKS. I mean the little thanks -- for everyday things. The things that we have to dig into to find a reason for being grateful. It's a whole lot harder than it appears.

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